NVIDIA was launching a new tablet designed for gamers, but the perception was they only make graphics cards. We shifted that perception by going back to gamings' roots with Ultimate Quest, a tweet-based text adventure that blended surprise challenges, beautiful imagery, and intricate storytelling into a social gaming experiment.

To bring our vision to life, we partnered with internationally renowned interactive fiction writer Emily Short and game concept artist Silvio Aebischer to build a dark sci-fi journey that sent players on a winding trek through a bizarre cyberpunk world full of intrigue and conflict. The final chapter involved uncovering the new product, but you had to game it to get it.

Role: ACD/Writer


Gamers were invited via paid social posts announcing"something new" from NVIDIA. You had to game it to get it.

The game was run entirely on a connected Twitter platform

Each of the five episodes was artfully illustrated. We hid clues throughout the story that only gamers would get.

Players had to decipher riddles and solve puzzles using Tweets to move the plot forward.

The game was so challenging that we started an Ultimate Questions page where novice players got live help from a "Dungeon Master."

The first gamer to conquer the quest discovered the SHIELD Tablet, and got one before they were available to the public.