The fashion industry is obsessed with skinny models and trends. Real people are different. They're all ages, shapes and ethnicities – and the selection of clothing and accessories on eBay is just as diverse. That's a nice fit. So we created Find Your Perfect to encourage women to find their perfect style on eBay.

We worked with photographer and director Todd Selby to capture inspirational, documentary-style videos and to catalog shoppable collections of each woman's look. The campaign has run multiple seasons, with a new cast and new content each time. It's gotten a warm reception from everyday women and over 6-million video views online.

Role: ACD/Writer


Season 1: Full length film

Season 1: Preroll (Perfect Designers)

Season 1: Preroll (Perfect Price)

Season 1: Out of Home

Season 1: Shoppable Transit

Season 2: Full length film

Season 2: Preroll (Perfect Selection)

Season 2: Preroll (Perfect Beauty Products)

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